Friday, February 8, 2008

2/8/08- When DAPS call, you must accept the charges(or else be forced to feel the wrath of Jean-Claude Van Damme)...

That's right gang, i'm moving to a different server(this time it's an actual domain name).

Effective February 17th, I will become an offical member of "The Dog and Pony Show"(for more info on them look right below this post).

What does this all mean?

Well, in simple-terms it means that instead of posting here, from now on I will be the exclusive official featured blog of (again, the site doesn't launch until the 17th, so it's just a splash/teaser page for now).

When the site launches there will be a sampling of some of my best work all ready and pre-packaged for a new and exciting audience. After all of the how-do-you-do best-of introductory posts are done with, I will start posting all-new material for your enjoyment. In other words: expect new material sometime around February 20th.

I would like to take the remainder of this post to thank Chris, Carlo, Andrew and everyone else over at DAPS for allowing me to join them in their new venture. Thanks guys!

See you all over at on the 17th.