Monday, July 16, 2007

7/16/07- "Transformers": Finally, a Michael Bay movie worth writing home about...

I finally went to see "Transformers" this weekend, and now I'm left wondering what took me so long. This movie is the exact definition of a summer blockbuster.

First of all, I have to just point out how shallow and stupidly pompous some movie critics are. You see, many critics who somehow found "Transformers" to not be their cup of tea had along the lines of this to say: The plot is so unrealistic, How do the cars transform?, Why do they transform?, Why are the robots fighting a senseless war on earth?.

To all of the movie critics who did not enjoy "Transformers": You are all a bunch of fucking idiots! It's a fucking movie! It's not real! It's based off of a children's toy/cartoon! I go to the movies to be entertained, and that's what "Transformers" did: ENTERTAIN! I don't go to the movie theater to watch a linear story with heavy, boring, real-life style dialogue(I can get that anywhere and everywhere).

When I go to see a movie I want to forget about my problems for a few hours and enjoy watching something that would never happen in real life, like robots beating the shit out of each other, taking innocent lives, and destroying everything in their path. Sounds fucking awesome, right? Well it is!

Bottom line: If you long to see everything, and more, described in that last paragraph, then get up off your ass, get your hands on ten dollars, and go enjoy an action-packed roller coaster for a few hours.