Friday, May 25, 2007

5/25/07- This weeks guest: Nick Kroll...

This past week I sat down via the Internet with acclaimed character actor, VH1 talking head, t.v. commercial juggernaut, Best Week Ever panelist, Upright Citizens Brigade alum, and star of the highly anticipated upcoming ABC sitcom based on the Geico cavemen commercials, Nick Kroll.(a video montage of Nick's work is posted at the end of this interview)

1. How did you get interested in wanting to become a comic?

I started doing improv/sketch comedy in college after seeing the Upright Citizens Brigade perform. They blew my mind. Also, I realized that girls might sleep with me if I made them laugh.

2. What was your first stand up/improv gig like?

I was in a 'funniest act on campus' competition and lost to my now good friend mike birbiglia. my whole act was to walk out onstage and talk about how relaxed i was and then pee in my pants. unfortunately, i ended up just jabbing at a plastic bag of water in my pants with a pen trying to make it look like i was peeing. instead, it looked like i was furiously masturbating on stage.

3. What was the worst job you've ever had outside of comedy?

i did sprinkler installation for a summer and almost got beat up by a fellow sprinkler installer who had a large scar across his cheek and didn't like that i drove my mommy's volvo to work.

4. You do alot of characters. Which one is your favorite to do? Why?

i love doing different characters for different reasons. gil faizon from the "oh, hello show" with john mulaney is a wonderfully despicable human. fabrice fabrice, the craft services coordinator on a number of shows is also a wonderfully disgusting person. people seem to enjoy him quite a bit.

5. What is "Oh Hello"?

oh, hello is a show i've done with my comedy partner john mulaney. its basically two middle aged, divorcees who live on the upper west side of manhattan and have a deep and unabiding love for alan alda.

6. Whats on your iPod right now?

jay z, fiona apple, justin timberlake, paul anka, kanye, ramblin jack elliott and a bunch of other shit...

7. Whats on your Tivo/DVR right now?

30 rock, SNL, Lil Beauties, The Office

8. I saw you recently on the Human Giant MTV 24 hour takeover. What was it like having to stay up for 24 hours and switch character every half hour?

It was one of the most fun experiences I have ever had both personally and professionaly. It was easy for all us coming in and out, i'm more impressed with rob, paul and aziz being able to come back from every commercial ready to interview someone or play the straight men for another one of our absolutely ridiculous bits. It was such a blast to be a part of for me.

9. I read somewhere that you are going to be in that new ABC sitcom based on those geico cavemen commercials. Is this true? And if it is, can you tell us any details?

It is indeed true that i'm going to be on "Cavemen" which will be on abc this fall. its going to be a really unique experience. the same writer and directors from the commercials will be working on the tv show and the rest of the cast is super talented. i'm excited to be on a prime time show but especially one that is trying to do something new and unique. plus i'm gonna get so much tail from looking like a caveman.

10. What does UCB mean to you personally?

UCB is an amazing place to learn, practice and perfect the craft of comedy. the community is very supportive, the fans are loyal and people are just psyched to perform live for the sake of performing and making people laugh. i'm not sure where i'd be comedically/professionally/personally without the UCB theater.

11. When you die, what do you want God to say to you at the pearly gates?

What up, fag?

12. Any parting words of advice for the readers?

regret is a much more powerful feeling than rejection.