Tuesday, April 10, 2007

4/10/07- The world's shittiest mixtape...

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Let me set this up for you. I found this video via youtube where comedian Aziz Ansari lost a bet and had to be filmed walking around Washington Square Park and other areas of New York City carrying around with him a boombox that played the shittiest mixtape ever.(I put the video at the bottom of this post) This got me thinking, what would the world's shittiest mixtape really consist of?

I have a few suggestions that come to mind when thinking of my picks for songs to go on the shittiest mixtape such as:

*I don't want to wait- Paula Cole
*Torn- Natalie Imbruglia
*Tiny Dancer- Elton John
*Kiss Me- Sixpence None the Richer
*I Don't Want to Miss a Thing- Aerosmith
*Your Body is a Wonderland- John Mayer
*I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight- Cutting Crew
*Sister Christian- Night Ranger
*Heartbeat- Don Johnson
*My Heart Will Go On- Celine Dion

I know, pretty fucking shitty, right?

This question of what the shittiest mixtape would be is interesting to me. So please, I encourage all of you to send in your comments and let me know what you think belongs on the world's shittiest mixtape. Thank you, and be sure to check out
www.azizisbored.com for all thing Aziz Ansari related. He's a hilarious comic and came up with this whole bit in the first place, all I'm doing is elaborating on it.

And remember kids: Aziz Ansari is a fucking badass!