Thursday, April 26, 2007

4/26/07- X-Ray Hamburger...

I was reading google news the other day, when I noticed a report about how alot of fast food places are now going to start thinking about stopping their importing of beef from India due to high costs. That's their reason for stopping imported Indian beef? High costs?!

What about the fact that their beef comes from some dirty, rundown sweatshop in the middle of India where the meat is probably manhandled by dirty, underpaid(and therefore angry and poor preforming) Indians? That would probably be my first fucking concern(unless I didn't care about the well-being of my customers, McDonald's).

The next time you chow down on some shitty burger from McDonald's, just think for one second about what exactly it is you might actually be ingesting(hair? radiation? soylent green maybe?). Sure, the burger you're eating COULD actually be made of cow beef, or it could actually be made of camel feces and ground up horse scrotum. The point is, we simply don't know. Although if I was in Vegas right now, I'd probably put three grand on the horse penis.

A story like this is just more proof that the big corporations don't give a fuck about you, your health, or your quality of life. Why else would they so nonchalantly announce that they are JUST NOW after decades of being in business cutting Indian beef from their roster of shitty value meals?