Thursday, April 19, 2007

4/19/07- Soy un perdedor...

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You know, there are alot of things I don't understand in life: why are we here, what's in the school meatloaf, and most importantly, why is pop music still as popular as ever?

I walk around school and all of the "popular" kids all listen to Justin Timberfake and Christina Fagulara. If that type of shitty music is popular, then I want to be as big a loser as the next guy who likes actual good music.

All you hear on the radio nowadays is just the same mass-produced, sample-heavy, uninspired, corporate bullshit. Where are the real artists who work in small clubs all across this country just waiting for their big chance? Oh wait, they're all standing on line to audition for American Idol. This is what music has come down to? A second rate Gong Show of one shot record deals and promises of a ten year reunion with the public eye via a VH1 reality show? Where's the fucking integrity in music these days? It's all about how fast you can get famous, how fast you can drop off the radar, and how fast can you get your now unemployed fat ass onto Celebrity Fit Club.

Well I for one am not buying into it. This kind of shit needs to stop now. In order for music as we know it(or knew it) to continue we must stop this trend of using reality shows to find the "next big thing" and actually get up off of our fucking couches and go to a local concert of show and discover talent and have people gravitate towards that talent and give it a growing audience, not just give some nobody instant access through millions of t.v. viewers.

Fuck pop music, Fuck the bottom line, and Fuck American Idol!