Thursday, June 14, 2007

6/14/07- Asshole of the month...

Here's your chance to get directly involved in the inner-workings of VAF89. Starting today, I am giving all of you(the readers) the chance to nominate anyone you want as the monthly "Asshole".

The monthly asshole can be anyone you want. A popular celebrity, a teacher, even a close friend(or enemy) of yours. Each month I will have a post where I show a picture of this "Asshole" and will give a brief description about why this person has received this dubious honor. Thus singling them out to roughly 12-15,000 people who read this blog. It's a good thing.

Simply e-mail a picture of the asshole of your choice along with a brief description of why this person deserves to be singled out for being a complete fucking asshole to:

Remember kids, if we don't expose these assholes for who they really are, then who will?