Wednesday, October 10, 2007

10/10/07- The gay white way...

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The New York Times is reporting that Broadway may go on strike next week. The only question left to ask: Who gives a shit?

I honestly don't know one person who has ever been even remotely passionate about going to see a play(on Broadway or off). The only people who have major hard-ons for musicals are chubby girls who had no friends in high school, drama club fags, and 90 year old women who are close to grim death.

Why would I go to see a bunch of flamboyant "actors" play dress-up and sing showtunes, when I could be at home watching people beat the shit out of each other in "300" on a crystal-clear high-definition television? It doesn't make sense.

"Oh, but what about "The Producers"? It was a comedy that only the likes of Broadway could make shine."

Fuck "The Producers" on Broadway! They took a great Mel Brooks classic and fagged it all up. Nathan Lane? Come on. And God knows that Matthew Broderick hasn't been funny, nor relevant since "Ferris Buellers Day Off".

Face it, Broadway, you're washed up, a has-been, you're old news. The future[present] is in motion pictures and new-fangled digital video discs. The lights are on, but nobody's home. You're just like grandpa: old, dated, and even though you're still alive, nobody cares enough to visit you anymore.