Saturday, December 1, 2007

11/30/07- Al Gore is a douche and so are you...

Fuck global warming. Why? Because it's wasting time that is part of my life and yours. Here's a little news flash for you: global warming doesn't fucking exist!

It was made up by scientists who desired money from the government in order to fund their other projects. But without the inclusion of a project like researching ways to stop the Earth from heating up into a ball of fire, they could never have gotten research grants from the government.

Also, these are the same fucking scientists who, back in the late-80's, said that we were going to be experiencing an ice-age in twenty years. Well, it's been twenty years and these assholes are now saying that the Earth is going to get warmer instead of colder? Why would I buy into anything they have to say after a huge fucking blunder like that?

As for the "proof" that the polar ice caps are melting, that's just the fucking liberals bending the truth. The fact is: there is ice, there is also a huge fucking fireball in the sky called the Sun, when the two meet it make the ice melt. What those liberal fucks aren't telling you is that the ice caps are regenerating at a faster rate then they ever have before. Whoops.

And then there's Al Gore. Al Gore is a giant douche and I don't give a shit about him in the least. He claims to be the savior of global warming, but in reality he flies around in Gulfstream jets that emit more carbon emissions then 10,000 Hummers. He also lives in a huge mansion that does not operate off of green power such as solar or wind. But the biggest snafu when it comes to Al Gore is that stupid Live Earth concert that was put on this past year. Great fucking job, Al. Do you realize how much pollution was created by THAT many people driving THAT many cars to one single location and throwing all of their trash on the ground while all of those performers fly to the concert in their big, carbon emitting jets? Once you figure out how much carbon was emitted from the drive to the concert, be sure to double that number to account for the trip back home from the concert.

The bottom line: There is no global warming crisis. The Earth's heat cycle goes in patterns. Every few decades there is a run of Indian Summers and heightened temperatures. This is also followed by a run of colder temperatures. Don't believe me? Google the yearly seasonal high and low temperature records from 1900 on, and you'll have all the proof you need to debunk Al Gore.