Monday, December 24, 2007

12/24/07- Christmas Blowout Spectacular...

Well, here it is. At long last, it's the VAF89 Christmas Blowout Spectacular. Full of new shit, old shit, and shit that was just plain awful. Enjoy!

Here are some "B-Sides" that were cut because of either length, quality, or time-sensitivity:

Here is a college essay I wrote for my COM 100 class. It is a review of the movie "Psycho":

Here is a report that I did last year for Media class. I had to listen to Podcasts of Bill O'Reilly's radio show and write a review:

Here is that "Failed Interview" I was telling you about:

The best hatemail ever:

Now onto the "Best of the Blog":

Most well-received post goes to "Hockey Monkey" because no one can deny the appeal of monkeys + knives + ice + Death Zamboni = Awesome. :

Most controversial post goes to my "Radiohead" post. People were completely split down the middle about this. :

Post with the least amount of hits goes to "Ramen Noodles". No big surprise there. :

Finally, the post with the largest number of hits with 483,000 goes to "Vin Forte interviews all three members of Human Giant". Not a surprise. My site was one of the first to jump onto the Human Giant bandwagon before the damn wagon even existed. Having your interview be at the top of Google's search engine under "Human Giant" for two straight weeks while being linked to from doesn't hurt either. :

Now go and enjoy your Christmas, folks. Also, Fuck Chanukaha! Fuck Kwanzaa! And while i'm at it, Fuck political correctness! I'll be back on December 30th with my final post. Until then, go fuck yourself.