Sunday, December 9, 2007

12/9/07- The End: Part I...

To answer all of the e-mail that I have been receiving: Yes, I am hanging up my hat and leaving this site behind.

Effective December 31st, I will no longer be posting articles on this site. The reason? Well, there are several. The first, and most important, being that I work at a local radio station(WSIA 88.9fm) here in New York, and working there takes up a shitload of time. Then you add in the fact that I am now in college, I have assigned essays to type up, homework to complete, studying to do. Also, when I'm not dicking around at the station or writing sociology essays, I'm working at my medium-wage job to make enough income to stay above water.

Quite frankly, I don't have enough time in the day to post as frequently, or as passionately, as I would like to. So I have decided to go out on top and get out while the getting is good. My hits are at an all-time high(83,000 hits per day as of 3 weeks ago). This sudden burst of readership started to happen after I posted my exponentially negative review of Radiohead's new shit-tastic album. Apparently more people agree with me than I expected. And the hits grew from there.

As stated before, I want to start investing more time into my radio career. Working on my show, tooling around with it to find the right mix of concept and music, culling an audience and whatnot. The only reason I started this site in the first place was to have an outlet to vent and explore different ways of coming up with recurring segments and to have an outlet for all of this until I could score a radio gig. But now that I have one, I must go and work on it until I can reach the next stage of my career.

What happens now? Well. On December 24th, I will post, as promised, my "Christmas Blowout" of rare posts, essays, best-of posts, and failed interviews. After Christmas, on December 30th, I will post my final article on this site. What will it be about? Well, judging by the fact that THIS post is called "Part I", it will most-likely be "Part II".

What will happen to this site? Will I ever return to it? Is Tupac still alive? Answers to all of these questions and much, much more to come in "Part II". Until then, enjoy the ride while it lasts, because it isn't going to get any better than this when I'm gone.