Tuesday, July 10, 2007

7/10/07- Video capture device...

It's pretty fucking amazing how fast technology has improved all around since the 90's.

Take the camcorder for instance. Just ten years ago we were still forced to shell out big buck for an even bigger piece of equipment that just did standard VHS recordings. Now they come standard along with cameras inside all cell phones.

Speaking of which, cell phones have made some of the biggest strides technology wise since....well...the telephone? I mean, these things used to be big, bulky, and cumbersome to carry around. And all you could do was just talk on it. These days most cell phones are twice the size of your thumb and can do everything form take pictures, play music, record video, and even play video games.

Video games have also come along way. Can you imagine that at the start of the 90's we only had the 16 bit Nintendo Entertainment System? Now we have the HD ready Xbox 360! Amazing. How the fuck did we go from Super Mario to Gears of War anyway?

And finally, speaking of war, Back in the 90's we were in the middle of a war in Iraq under President Bush. Today, circa 2007, we are in the middle of a war in Iraq under President Bush. History repeating itself at it's finest.