Monday, July 9, 2007

7/9/07- Random Thoughts: 90's Edition...

To kick off 90's week I'm going to delve into my head and fish out some good old fashioned cynical observations about generation x.

* I like how everyone was fucking raving about boy bands back in the late 90's while I was telling everyone that they were all fags. Well, it's 2007 and it looks like a few million people owe me an apology.

* What was Nintendo thinking(and smoking) when they invented the Virtual Boy?

* Was "Super Mario Brothers" really that bad of a movie in retrospect?

* The Atkins diet made it's debut in the 90's. Millions bought into it. They must have all forgotten that Dr. Atkins died of heart disease. Whoops!

* Why in God's name would I want to "sweat to the oldies"? Let alone with Richard Simmons.

* Tamagotchi: For retards who can't take care of a REAL pet.

* The children of one female juror on the O.J. Simpson trail were happy when the trial was finally over and their mother had returned home. And it's no wonder, because she lets them get away with murder.
* The 90's: A time before Adam Sandler became overrated.

* Imagine a time without EMO........the 90's were a great time to be alive.

* Then: Fox has two massive hit shows and nothing else. Now: Fox has two massive hit shows and nothing else.

* Back then, people actually went to places called "music stores" to purchase these things known as "compact discs".

* If Kurt Cobain had never killed himself then we would never have had the Foo Fighters, Probot, The Eagles of Death Metal, or that kick-ass Queens of the Stone Age album with Dave Grohl on drums. If Nirvana had kept in tact, sans Kurt's suicide, then they might have just made shittier and shittier albums. So thank you for killing yourself Mr. Cobain! It might just be the best thing you could have done.