Monday, July 23, 2007

7/23/07- State of the Blog...

* First of all, I hope that you all enjoyed the 90's theme week a few weeks back. More importantly I hope that you all enjoyed my interview with Karl Koch. And don't worry, because there are plenty more interviews coming down the pipeline for the rest of this summer as well.

* Next, I am going into Manhattan tomorrow to check out one of the new "Kwik-E-Marts". Expect a *Special* photo blog sometime this week.

* "Vin, why haven't you been blogging on the weekends?" Because it's summer and I need(nay, deserve) some sort of vacation. Giving myself the weekends off is the least I could do. But remember, when I am going to be gone for more than three days I will leave a "Best of" post. The first weekend in September I will start blogging on the weekends again.

* Start sending in your suggestions for the next theme week. I will announce the winning theme in the next "State of the Blog". The next theme week will probably be the first week in September(sort-of a back to school pick me up kind of thing).

* Finally, in honor of "The Simpsons Movie", this Thursday I will be posting a special Simpsons list of the top 101 best quotes. So enjoy, and see you all tomorrow.