Tuesday, July 3, 2007

7/3/07- State of the Blog...

I know, I know. I haven't been around in nearly 3 days. Why? Well I guess that will be the first thing on the docket today, now won't it?

*First of all, you didn't miss that much when you think about it. I only write one blog on the weekends, and then Monday you missed out. So quit your bitching, it was only two days. I was away for the weekend and thought I would be back Sunday night. Remember, I'm only one man(who has a fucking life). I might be gone here and there on the weekends sometimes(it's summer, people do shit). But trust me when I say that when I know that I'm going to be gone for more then three days, I will leave you a "best of" like I did a few weeks ago.

*The new picture. Since the State of the Blog is now an official periodic segment instead of just a weekly Sunday night update, I've decided to add a heading pic to jazz it up a little(please don't tell anyone I used the word "jazz" to describe something).

*90's week. A while back I stated that sometime in July there would be another "Theme Week"(much like the week of all music related blogs I did back in April). Well, I have decided that next week, starting on Monday, will be the much anticipated "90's Week". What will I be writing about? Many different things, from 90's cartoons, music, toys, movies, and the all around pop culture surrounding generation x.

*Fourth of July. Seeing as tomorrow is the fourth of July, I want to do something special. Therefore I will be posting "The B-Side"(something that was supposed to be posted on Saturday but I wasn't here to do it). For those of you who don't know, "The B-Side" is something posted on the last day of the month that includes a couple of blogs from that month that maybe weren't good enough or too short to be posted as a main attraction. Compare it to deleted scenes on the DVD that was last month.

See you all tomorrow.