Wednesday, July 4, 2007

7/4/07- The B-Side...

It's that time again where I present to you some of the blogs that were left on the cutting room floor of my Microsoft Word from the past month. Some were cut simply because they were too short. Others were cut simply because I didn't feel that they were good enough. Maybe I'm wrong and they are pretty damn good in hindsight. This is why I post them here. I call it "The B-Side". This time around I present you with two blogs about iStuff. The first is about a new movie idea, and the second is a follow up to my blog about the iPhone(affectionately dubbed "1.5" instead of 2 seeing as it is more of a follow up then a sequel).

B-Side #1: iMurder...

I have this idea for a new horror movie that might just be crazy enough to work. It's called "iMurder".

It is about a serial killed dubbed by police as the "iKiller" due to the fact that after he kills people, he leaves an iPod at the crime scene that contains a lone mp3 of the killer taunting the police and leaving vague clues to his whereabouts. The movie ends when, while the police are listening to the killer's latest mp3, they hear in the background of it the slight sounds of waves crashing onto a beach shore. This tiny detail, coupled with the killer's previous clues, lead the police to the killers hideout on the Jersey Shore. There is a shootout that results with the iKiller getting shot to death by police. At the very end of the movie, a final iPod is found in the killer's house. On it is an mp3 that tells the police that this won't be the last they've seen of him. The screen cuts to black, the audience cheers, and the possibility of a sequel is born.

B-Side #2: Phuck the iPhone 1.5...

I can't believe that people are actually camping out for days on end to get their funyon and failure stained hands on the new iPhone. It's fucking insane.

Why would I want to shell out $600 for a phone that does everything kind-of functionally? And let's just assume that I did live in my parent's basement and have been saving my allowance for months to buy an iPhone. There is still a $50 monthly fee.

So in one year, someone that has bought an iPhone will have paid around $1300 to get most of the same shit that a regular Verizon phone can do, for over $1000 more per year!

Bottom line: People are stupid.