Tuesday, November 6, 2007

11/6/07- "In Rainbows" in the red...

"That pot of gold at the end of Radiohead's Rainbows may not be as full as thought. The band's ballyhooed In Rainbows, available only online at a price set by individual fans, may not be the paradigm-changing, label-killing force it's been hyped to be. A new study says nearly two-thirds of respondents indicated they didn't pay anything for the download." -Josh Grossberg, E!-News Online

I for one knew that this was going to happen. Why in God's name would someone willingly pay for music that they have the option of getting for free? It makes no sense whatsoever.

First of all, the media at large has been giving Radiohead way too much credit lately. This whole plan of theirs to release their album for free on the Internet isn't clever or inventive, it's desperate.

I mean, come on. Have you seen the sales of their last five albums? They sucked. I'd be surprised if Radiohead bought Radiohead's last five albums. It might just be me, but I always considered Radiohead a one hit wonder from the 90's. They had that one big song "Creep" and then dropped off of the face of the earth, until now.

Why now? I don't get it. This fucking band went into oblivion for ten years and all of a sudden are being treated like geniuses. For what? Releasing a shitty album for free?

A shitty album is a shitty album no matter how much it costs.