Friday, November 2, 2007

11/2/07- Drive my car(off a cliff, you bitch)...

If I were to tell you that Paul McCartney's ex-wife, Heather Mills, wanted $100,000,000 from their divorce settlement, what would your reaction be? Let me answer that for you.

You: What the fuck? That gold digging slut. How dare she ask for more then $3 million, let alone $100,000,000. I hope Mark David Chapman kills her and is given a knighthood by the queen. Get AIDs and drop dead, you whore.

All good answers. The fact is that not only is she asking for an insane amount of money, but she's taking it from Paul McCartney. What kind of person has the balls to take that kind of cash away from the most beloved and respected musician in history? Apparently his ex-wife.

Now she's going around complaining that the media is painting her to be a gold digger and a bitch. Whaaaaaaaaa! Cry me a fucking river. You claim not to be a gold digger, but at the same time are trying to fleece $100,000,000 from Paul McCartney. Did YOU write "Abby Road"? Did YOU write "The White Album"? NO! So, therefore you are entitled to nothing.

I like how she claims to have been well known before marrying an ex-Beatle. Yeah, right. Because her charity work was the reason she was on "Dancing with the Stars"(and i'm using the term "stars" very loosely).