Monday, November 5, 2007

11/5/07- Crock of shit...

Have you seen the latest trend in footwear lately? It's something called "crocks": shoes that are made of a Styrofoam-like stuff that have holes in them and (supposedly)reduce odor.

As you can tell by the photo above, they are quite possibly the ugliest things anyone could possibly wear. You may be saying: But Vin, you don't know shit about fashion or any of that faggot stuff. What gives you the right to judge others appearance?

Well, I may not be gay, but I know enough to realize when something looks ridiculous. And these "crocks" look like half-melted Styrofoam beer holsters. I was also alerted by someone that you can buy a cream called "crock butter" that you rub on the shoes in order to diminish odor.

This is a typical case-and-point about this fad-footwear. The company claims that the shoes are odorless, yet you have to buy a separate cream to rub on the shoe in order to get rid of fucking odor.

It's just a huge scam. They sell the shoes fairly cheap, but rip you off by making their profits on the "crock butter". Dear God, even the name "crock butter" sounds so obviously lame and contrite that people should be immediately suspicious.

This country's gone to shit. No, this country's gone to crock butter.