Tuesday, November 27, 2007

11/26/07- State of the Blog...

The Rundown:

* I'm back. After stuffing my gullet with piles of the most delicious feast that you can imagine, and subsequently becoming ill with the flu because I was forced to deal with anemic, sickly customers all weekend at my job, I am back(you know you missed me).

* Interviews. Yeah, I know. I dropped the ball on the whole interview thing the past month. But I actually did make an effort to get people, it's just that when I threw out a line, no one bit. I'll try harder this month. But I was also a little sidelined by my next bullet point.

* My radio show. Yes, it is indeed true. I finally have my own radio show. It is broadcast once a week from 4:00pm-7:00pm every Wednesday on WSIA 88.9 fm New York. I know that 90% of you do not live in the radius of the station's broadcast signal, so come Wednesday, be sure to listen online at
www.wsia.fm. Also, call me up and make a request, toll free, at: 1-(718)-982-3060.

* Christmas blowout. I made mention of this in the last S.O.T.B. This Christmas, I will be taking an extended Christmas break. Instead of leaving just a "Best-of", I will be leaving you an entire year-end blowout ensemble that should make you forget all about the fact that you got clothes for Christmas instead of an X-Box 360.

The following is a list of treats and rarities that you will find in the aforementioned "ensemble":

- A "Best of the Blog 2007 edition" highlighting links to some of the best posts of '07.

- Rare message board posts made by me.

- An exclusive "failed interview" that makes my interview with Patton Oswalt look like my interview with Human Giant.

- Slightly humorous essays from my High School era.

- B-side material that was too lengthy to cut it as part of just a cutting-room-floor montage at the end of each month, yet lacking large amounts of the normal dry wit and slight humor that would constitute me posting it on it's own.

- And much, much more(ok, not too much more, but maybe a few other things).