Monday, November 12, 2007

11/12/07- Radio killed the radio star...

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The past few years have not been good for radio(unless you're Sirius Satellite, in which case, you currently hold the world of radio by it's balls).

It seems like you can't say anything anymore. These big corporations such a Clear Channel and Emmis broadcasting hire interesting personalities from smaller markets, tell them to mix it up on-air and be interesting, and then when they actually say interesting and controversial shit they get thrown out on the street with nothing more then a blacklisted career and a voided contract.

Also, this whole deal about radio stations flipping formats needs to stop. There is absolutely no reason why New York(market 1) should be getting rid of their only modern rock station to make room for another talk station, just so they can spite Howard Stern and load the whole station with watered-down versions of him.

But while they're getting rid of their only modern rock station, there are at least six different variations of dance/hip-hop stations. On top of that, these stations don't even play real dance music. They play remixed versions of pop songs.

Terrestrial radio better pull the reigns back soon. Because while Clear Channel has it's head up it's ass, Satellite radio is becoming the fastest growing new technology in history(beating out cell phones). Why? Because there are no limits on Satellite radio. You can actually be interesting and not have to worry, on a daily basis, about if you will live to work another day.

Fuck Clear Channel, Fuck the FCC, Fuck Opie and Anthony, Fuck Free FM, and Fuck the 6 stations here in New York that play pop/rap/hip-hop remixes!