Tuesday, November 27, 2007

11/27/07- VAF89 Mailbag...

This month's hatemail:

Jordan from Westchester, P.A. writes:

"How can you say such things about Kanye West so soon after his own mother died?"

Well Jordan, it would seem as if you have a rare case of mental retardation with a slight outbreak of down syndrome, so i'm going to spell it out for you: I can say these things because they are based in logic, proven true by example, and wrapped in a blatant display of ego. Besides, if Kanye West, for some godawful reason, actually cares about what some seventeen year-old douche like me thinks about him on the internet, then he really is a bigger narcissist then i'm painting(and proving) him to be.

Dave from West Palm Beach, Florida writes:

"Why isn't Radiohead on your stupid list of the top 5 greatest bands of the 90's?"

First of all, if my list is so stupid, then why did you care about it enough to write me a letter? Second of all, as I have explained in a previous post, Radiohead has been getting way too much credit lately for releasing their album for free online(which I am calling a desperate move on their part to garner publicity). Go on Wikipedia and check the facts. "Creep" was a big hit in the mid-90's here in America, but was never topped. If you really want to get technical, they can be considered a one-hit-wonder. Before people go e-mailing me yet again, yes, I realize that they have maintained popularity in England, but as is the case with many one-hit-wonders. Shit, half of all of those 80's one-hit bands have seen some form of continued success across the pond, but have never been able to top themselves here in America.

Dana from Hoboken, New Jersey writes:

"At then end of your post about radio sucking so badly in a politically correct world, you said "Fuck Opie and Anthony". Why? What the fuck did they ever do?"

"What the fuck did they ever do?" Well, besides stealing ideas and bits from Howard Stern, not a goddamn fucking thing. They are one of the main reasons why radio sucks, because they are a prime example of how unoriginal and stale regular radio has become. They can't come up with interesting shit to say on their own, so they "shock" their audience with bits and gags that Howard Stern has been doing for years. Also, they are screwing their fans over big time. Why would someone who paid for a subscription to XM, just to hear Opie and Anthony, keep paying their monthly fee when they can hear most of the show on regular radio for free?