Thursday, November 8, 2007

11/7/07- You're not cool(or original)...

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I've had it up to here with Myspace. Sure, I respect the fact that it allows you to carve out a small niche for you to express yourself and keep in contact with friends. But I've had just about enough with all of these Myspace whores and their oh so generic and annoying profiles.

About 99.9% of every Myspace whore's profile can be described in the following paragraph:

Annoying profile song by some shit-head rap artist who will fade away just as fast as he appeared. Bright, sparkly, pink backround layout. Avitars of Boy Meets World, Family Guy, and Dane Cook. A big sign that reads: Beer pong champion. An "about me" description that contains more misspelled words than an essay on the Louisiana purchase written by a five year old with down syndrome. A bunch of comments by her other shit-head celebutard wannabe friends that say nothing more then "Yo U CuMmiN 2 Da PaRTy dIs WeEKeNd???". And of course, those oh so clever Myspace whore display names.

I swear to fucking God, there is actually a girl who has the display name: "they feen for her statuS- quO<3"

The only "status quo" this bitch is aspiring to achieve is drinking enough to not realize the fact that the condom broke, and now she's a 19 year-old college drop-out who now has to take care of an unwanted child while getting fat off of a diet of Funyuns and dog food because she was too fucking dumb to get a real job because she dropped out of college because she got pregnant because she drank to much because she was trying to achieve her idea of a "status quo".

I must stop here because if my whole "status quo, Myspace whore" rant didn't just prove my point, then nothing will.