Tuesday, November 20, 2007

11/20/07- Karma's a bitch...

Back in September I posted my thoughts on Kanye West and how he has a huge, Trump-esque ego(see here:
http://vaf89.blogspot.com/2007/09/91907-kanye-west-doesnt-care-about.html). I had a strong feeling that Karma would find it's way into his life one way or the other, and I was right.

Last week his mother died from plastic surgery malpractice. While in any other case I would feel sympathetic, in this case I can only just stand back and say that Kanye has finally paid for his big, overblown ego with his mother's life.

Why? Simple. Kanye and his mother grew up poor, humble people. Once Kanye got a little cash from his record sales, he was bitten by greed. In turn, his mother was also brought into the equation because she was his manager. She used Kanye's money to get the plastic surgery that killed her. So, in a way, Kanye West killed his own mother because if he never made all of that money off of stealing other people's instrumentals, his mother couldn't have taken his money, and couldn't have gotten plastic surgery, and wouldn't have died.

Also, it was reported that he broke down and cried on stage during a performance the other day. This further proves that Kanye West has a huge ego. Even though his fucking mother just kicked the bucket, he somehow still found time to perform instead of being with his family.

And don't fucking e-mail me saying: But Vin, he has contracts to obligate, he can't cancel all of his shows. Bullshit! The White Stripes canceled an entire leg of their tour last month because Meg White had a cold. If you can cancel an entire tour schedule for a fucking cold, I think that you can cancel a few performances because your own mother died.