Wednesday, August 1, 2007

8/1/07- The B-Side...

This month's look back at the cut blogs from last month include two special cutting room floor delights. The first is an answer from Karl Koch(Weezer) that got cut from my original interview with him because at the end of the day, he never really gave an exact answer, and also it seemed a little "fanboy-ish". The latter is a blog about the new Harry Potter book. It was good, but simply not long enough to constitute posting as a regular blog. Enjoy!

This week's guest: Karl Koch[bonus question]...

11. In the song "Hash Pipe" there is some confusion in the second line of the chorus that angered many censors. Some people say that the line is either "I got my ass wipe", "I got my eye swipe" and "I got my ass wide". What is the official lyric?

As the Green Album lyrics were never officially released, i guess its deliberately obscure. However, i believe there is a Green guitar tab book that lists lyrics, and they had to be approved before publishing. So whatever that book says must be the dealio.

Harry Potter and the repeating storyline...

I can't believe that millions of people are buying into this Harry Potter bullshit. You are all being swindled, grifted, and bamboozled in the worst way possible.

Don't you all get it? Every single Harry Potter book is the same fucking Harry Potter book! I can tell you the plotline to every Harry Potter book in less then a paragraph:

Harry escapes from his evil parent's house, he has his friends get him to Hogwarts, some evil shit starts to go down(yet they never close the school down despite the fact that it happens every year), Harry somehow finds a way to save the day, the end, repeat.