Wednesday, August 8, 2007

8/7/07- 3's and 7's Part I: Tom Glavin's 300...

The other night Mets pitcher Tom Glavin scored his 300th winning game. This now puts him in a class of only 23 other people who have done the same.

This is truly an amazing accomplishment for sure. But it's too fucking bad that it got overshadowed here in New York by Gay-Rod(Alex Rodriguez for those of you who don't get the joke). You see, A-Rod also broke a record that week by scoring his 500th home run. Too bad he had to soil the back page of the Post by stealing Glavin's thunder as well as making the story about the aftermath of his home run and not about the actual home run.

When A-Rod hit the homer, naturally a fan in the crown caught the ball. By catching the ball that lucky fan can now sell it on eBay, make over $100,000, and change his life forever.......except that A-Rod wants the ball back*record player screeches to a halt*.

WHAT?! Is A-Rod that big of an asshole that he would deny some poor dude a chance to alter his life in ways he can't even imagine? YES! This is the biggest dick move since..since....EVER!

The people in New York hate him already, and now he goes and does this? He should at least fork over $100,000 to the poor guy in exchange for the ball, maybe some autographed bats or something, anything. But no. A-Rod just wants to be a dick and offer nothing in return for his precious ball back.

So, in a surprise move by me, for stealing Tom Glavin's thunder and dashing the hopes and dreams of some poor fan, I declare Alex(Gay-Rod) Rodriguez the "Asshole of the Month"!

Come back tomorrow for Part II.