Monday, August 20, 2007

8/20/07- State of the Blog...

I'm back! Here's the rundown for August 20, 2007:

*Well, first off I think I should address the fact that I am back. It feels good to be back. Not as good as a getting a deep-tissue massage while eating a McRib while simultaneously watching the Jets win the Superbowl with Queens of the Stone Age performing at halftime, but good enough.

*Tay Zonday. Over my vacation I received many e-mails praising me for being able to score an interview with the creator of "Chocolate Rain". Don't be so shocked. Remember: If you call someone, they will(most times) eventually respond. People are human, they have Myspace profiles that allow you to send messages straight to them, if you send someone a message they will eventually get to it(remember, it took about a week to get Tay's response).

*Speaking of Myspace, I finally set mine off "Private". So now anyone can come check me out, hit me up with a friend request, and stalk me at:

*Guest interviews. I'm currently working on getting some new interviews. Expect in the coming weeks to see interviews with a bunch of great comedians, maybe a few musicians, and a couple of old favorites returning once again to talk about something completely different.

*That's it. Expect a fresh, brand-spanking new original blog tomorrow. See you all then, hit me up on Myspace, and I hope that you all enjoyed the "Best-of" I posted last week.