Thursday, August 2, 2007

8/2/07- Spaceballs: The search for more money...

While rumors have been swirling for some time that Mel Brooks' classic cult film "Spaceballs" would be granted a sequel, the creators have gone and done the next best thing(kind-of, maybe).

"Spaceballs The Animated Series" will premiere sometime this fall on the G4 network. And while, in theory, this idea may be thought of as dead in the womb, let me just let you in on some facts that might just give you some hope.

Instead of just handing the rights to the "Spaceballs" franchise over to some random company to do an animated show, Mel Brooks is overseeing, writing, and starring in the actual show. In fact, all of the actors from the movie(except John Candy) will be reprising their roles. This might actually be good.

But now the real key is the plot. They could cook up some real original ideas that spoof the last twenty years of sci-fi pop culture, or they could just sell-out and use a bunch of shitty cartoon cliches. It will really be something to check out when it premieres this fall.

I'm keeping my belief that it won't be just another movie-to-cartoon, tie-in, sell-out. But then again, Mel Brooks did just sell the rights to "Young Frankenstein" to be made into a Broadway play.