Thursday, August 9, 2007

8/8/07- 3's and 7's Part II: Barry Bonds' 756...

As you all know by now, Barry Bonds hit hit 756th home run last night. He now is the all-time home run king above Hank Aaron. Or is he? Now I could get into the whole steroid matter, but I have a different take on the home run record.

Japan. Japan? Yes, Japan. Sadaharu Oh is the name of the ACTUAL world home run champion. He has over 868 homers in his day. Over 100 more then Barry Bonds. It has always pissed me off when Americans call things the "World" Series or use expressions like "heavyweight champion of the world". How the fuck can you have the balls to claim yourself champion of anything when you don't even pick fights with Canadian teams, let alone other continents?

Barry Bonds didn't break shit! Those eleven minutes that he used to thank everyone last night were complete bullshit and I wish that I could hop into my wayback machine, acquire a ticket to last night's game, run out onto the field brandishing a flamethrower, light Barry Bonds on fire before he gets a chance to break the record, and then have millions of viewers and fans watch in horror as he runs around like a chicken without a head as his flesh burns and his eyeballs melt. Everyone at the stadium would immediately run out of the stadium in shock and demand their money back, or they would need psychiatric evaluation.

Now I'm lost. What was I supposed to be talking about? Oh yeah, vote yes on proposition 24.