Wednesday, August 29, 2007

8/29/07- VAF89 Mailbag...

The "VAF89 Mailbag" is a new segment that will allow me to respond to a couple of choice letters of hate mail that I have received in the past couple of weeks(no fan mail. who the fuck wants to read fan mail?). This segment will usually pop up around the end of each month. Without further ado, here is some good, old-fashioned hate mail!

Barry from AZ writes:

"You suck!!! Why would you say that dogfighting is fun and/or entertaining? What kind of stupid fucknut are you?!! I hope you burn in hell!!!!!!!"

Vin Forte:

Well Barry, I'm glad that you obviously took the time to read the disclaimer at the top of the Michael Vick blog so that you completely understood the point I was trying to make about dogfighting and not jump to conclusions like some babbling dickhead.

And by the way, me burning in hell isn't going to bring the dogs back to life, now is it Barry?

Jeff from VA writes:

"I hated your interview with Karl Koch. Why didn't you get an actual IMPORTANT member of Weezer? I could have found a better interview."

Vin Forte:

I wanted to do an interview with Karl because I figured that I could get a lot of interesting material from him(which I did). I don't go by how famous someone is. I go by how interesting there life is. Karl makes his own music while hanging around and sometimes even recording with one of the greatest bands of our generation. I severely doubt that your life is even anywhere close to being that interesting.

And by the way, Mr. "I could find a better interview", if you can please show me your interview with Rivers Cuomo or Matt Sharp, I'll gladly eat my shoe. But until then, fuck off.