Saturday, September 15, 2007

9/14/07- Asshole of the month...

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This month's asshole: Brad Joyella from Gary, Indiana.

One fine day over this past summer, our man Brad felt like pulling a prank on his roommate, Dave. So one day, while Dave was at work, Brad decided to record footage from the Logo Network(the gay and lesbian channel) over all of his friend's DVDs. Sounds like a funny idea, right? Until Dave came home to find that his video presentations that he had made for work the next day were gone and instead replaced with footage of gay pride parades and home decorating shows. Needless to say, Dave was pissed. He ended up getting fired from his job at a very well-respected production company, and now has to work full-time for a major retail chain whose name rhymes with "Ball-Cart".

So for taping gay television(literally) over your friend's presentation, getting him fired from work, and forcing him to now work for minimum wage at a major shopping conglomerate, I name you, Brad Joyella, the new "Asshole of the month".