Wednesday, September 12, 2007

9/12/07- Vin's F*****g Uncensored "I hate EMO blog"[Part Deux]...

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First of all. For those who don't remember the original:

Now, on to part deux.

People of earth, the days of long bangs, tight baby-blue shirts, mascara, and wrist-slitting may soon be over. I have noticed a cultural trend in the past few months: people are finally starting to realize that EMO is simply just goth for pussies. Folks all across the nation are finally separating the two components of EMO and finally choosing a side.

Those two parts? Goth and Pop. These, my friends, are two great tastes that, when separated, are very much tolerable to the human senses. But when combined, bring about mass public confusion and wrongful rethinking of the basic properties of rock, nay, music itself.

I'm starting to see more and more people each and every day start to rebel against this trend of pussified, watered-down dribble. It comes down to you either liking Metal or Pop. You may only choose one, so choose wisely. For the path you choose warrants no option to go back.

Now that this shift in our musical culture is almost over, it begs the question: what's next? What will end up being the next un-godly mash-up of two semi-popular forms of music? Jazz + Techno = Jazzno? Picture Ella Fitzgerald on a Steven Tyler-esque acid trip. Or what about Bluegrass + Rap = Rapgrass? Picture 50 Cent in a cornfield rapping about the hardships of a bad harvest season as Lil' Jon plays the banjo while wearing a straw hat and overalls.

Well, whatever crazy new trend comes through the musical pipeline, there is always the one simple truth that it will always, undoubtedly suck.