Friday, September 21, 2007

9/19/07- Kanye West doesn't care about black people...

He really doesn't. All he cares about is pushing his latest, shitty, ego-centric album on you. If his new album sucks so bad, then why has it sold so extraordinarily well? Hype. All hype. It's the key smoke-and-mirrors element to selling hit albums when the hit albums in question suck.

When an album is so bad that good, honest, old-fashioned reliable fan bases, aware and informed casual listeners, and word-of-mouth just won't due, hype is the one key ingredient to ensure that stupid people everywhere will simply just assume that your album is worth more then it really is.

When in reality it is merely just a collection of shitty lyrics recorded over samples of other people's "real" music. It probably takes Kanye West five hours(if that) and a Mr. Microphone to record one of his crap-tastic albums, and you people all just run out and buy them like they're the greatest thing since The Beatles' White Album.

The bottom line is that all Kanye West cares about is feeding his unbelievably huge, Stalin-esque ego. And congratulations America, you've just helped his succeed!