Thursday, September 6, 2007

9/6/07- It came from Myspace!...

This month's entry comes from someone with the Myspace name "Danny Domino". He writes about not having to go to school anymore, mostly because he's a 35 year old alcoholic who lives alone. Enjoy!

"Well gang, by now a lot of you are back to school. Booooo! School blows! I'm so glad I never have to go back to that hell hole again. But just because my school days are over doesn't mean my life is a breeze. Here are some Highs and Lows about being out of school.

HIGH- Not having to wake up early.
LOW- Not having a reason to wake up at all.

HIGH- Not having to ride the crappy school bus.
LOW- Still having to ride the crappy city bus.

HIGH- Not having to cover my books with a brown paper bag.
LOW- Having to cover my Gin with a brown paper bag when I drink in the park.

HIGH- Not having to worry about my lunch money being taken by punks.
LOW- Not having any money at all.

HIGH- Not being yelled at for falling asleep in class.
LOW- Being yelled at for falling asleep at the bar.

HIGH- Not having to eat lunch alone in the cafeteria.
LOW- Eating lunch alone in the kitchen.

HIGH- Not having to do homework.
LOW- Having to do housework.

HIGH- Not being sent to the office for destroying school property.
LOW- Being sent to jail for destroying public property.

HIGH- Not having to answer to the jerkwad vice Principal.
LOW- Having to answer to the jerkwad judge.

HIGH- Not having to see any of my lame classmates faces ever again.
LOW- Not even the cute girls.
DOUBLE HIGH- Who the hell cares because I have way cooler friends on myspace!

Thanks a ton for helping me get through my crappy, sometimes horrible, but mostly awesome life! You guys all rock harder then Motley Crue in 1987!"