Tuesday, February 13, 2007

2/13/07- Vin's F*****g Uncensored "I hate EMO blog"...


I simply can't stand it. It's too pussy to be considered rock, and too in love with itself to admit its pop. The EMO culture is turning this country's teenagers into a gigantic culture of whiny, crybaby, over-sensitive, mascara wearing pussies!
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EMO kids are so fucking annoying with their "problems" and "issues".

Whaaa! My daddy never hugged me so now I cut myself. Whaaa!

Shut the fuck up and learn to deal with problems yourself you whiny little homo! EMO does not even make any sense. Think about it. Their logic is: I can't deal with my average, normal, everyone has them, type of teenage problems so insted of dealing with them I put on mascara, grow long bangs, and cut myself while listening to panic at the disco? What a waste of a fucking life if you ask me. Hell, I respect goths more then i'll ever respect EMOs. Why? Well, you know why you never see that many goths around anymore? Because most of them followed through on their plans to eventually kill themselves. EMOs just cut themselves therefore there are still plenty of them still around to annoy me.

EMO: "But i'm individual. I'm refusing to conform to the most popular of society's mainstream trends."

WRONG! EMO is the most popular, annoying, useless trend going today. Everytime you turn on MTV or FUSE you see hundreds upon hundreds of videos from gay ass bands attempting to pass themselves off as rock. Guns and Roses is rock, Rage against the Machine is rock, Panic at the Disco is NOT ROCK! I mean c'mon people, the band's called "Panic at the Disco" for christ's sake. You could'nt have picked a gayer name for a band.

People. I'm going to just end this now because I have such a hatrid for EMO that there is no way that I can spell it out for you in just one post. Consider this post an intro into why I hate EMO, because i'm sure that in the coming weeks, months, and even years of writing on this blog I will have more then a dictionary full of posts to write about the reasons I hate EMO and why it is ruining this country.

Thank you.