Monday, April 2, 2007

4/2/07- State of the Blog(Yes, I know it's Monday)...

(belated)State of the Blog for the week ending 4/1/07:

I know. I was supposed to post the state of the blog yesterday, but because it was April Fools day I instead posted a little April fools joke(see yesterday's post). So today will be the state of the blog and tomorrow, and the rest of the week, will continue as usual, according to schedule.

This Friday is the start of my series of "guest bloggers". Now, I know that I first billed this concept as being comedians writing actual blogs. Well, I have recently found out that it is easier to get people to write shit if you have actual questions for them to answer to. So instead of just blogs, each Friday I will be posting interviews as well as the occasional original celebrity blog. Now, you might be wondering who the first interview this Friday will be with? You'll just have to check back in on Friday and find out. I promise you won't be disappointed.

The only other BIG update to tell you about is that today is the first day of my two week spring break. And in honor of it being spring break I wanted to premiere during it the first "Theme Week". That's right, all next week will be a week of one constant, running theme. Confused? Here are the details:

*The theme will be music

*This will include an entire week of album reviews, artist spotlights, music folklore and mythology, and a special "Two-for-Tuesday"(two posts on Tuesday instead of one).

*This will be all next week starting next Monday.

*More info to come in next Sunday's "State of the Blog".

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