Thursday, April 5, 2007

4/5/07- That doesn't belong in the pencil sharpener...

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People are weird(no shit). But just in case you were wondering, yes, based on the title of this post, this is about exactly what you are thinking it's about. Yesterday, a man in Germany was rushed to the hospital after, wait for it..........he stuck his penis in a pencil sharpener on a bet. WHY?

I don't care if you paid me all the glockenspiel or farfigneuten in Berlin, I would never even think of doing anything remotely that stupid. And what does this really say about the guy's "manhood" anyway? I mean, he might as well have been castrated by a pencil sharpener if "it" was small enough to fit into one anyway.

And let's not forget the fact that this happened in Germany. Those Germans have been doing crazy shit like this for years. It really doesn't surprise me that this happened there. When the origin of this story is the same country where a man put up a search via E-Bay for a chance to be cannibalisticly eaten by him and got over 43 responses, a little penis in the pencil sharpener is the least of their problems.

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