Thursday, April 12, 2007

4/12/07- Good news for people who like bad news...

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How dare some people deny that their publicity is due to their controversy and actually believe it's because of their actual talent or skill. What am I talking about? Give some examples you say? Well here's two of them.

The Duke lacrosse scandal that has been going on for the past year. Do you honestly think that anyone would have ever gave a shit about fucking lacrosse if some dumb stripper hadn't gotten raped(allegedly)? Nobody cares about lacrosse. After this incident blows over, everyone will still not care about lacrosse. Those Duke coaches and PR people should be kissing these player's asses. This is the most press Duke lacrosse, nay, lacrosse in general has received in....ever!

An even bigger example of "It would have been forgotten by now if ____ hadn't happened" is the recent Don Imus incident where he called the National Women's Basketball Championship Rutgers Team a "bunch of nappy headed hoes". Nobody even would have cared about the fucking women's basketball team if it wasn't such a slow news week and Imus hadn't made that comment. First of all, who the fuck cares what Imus thinks anyway? Why should people care? And why is everyone, including the basketball team, taking him so seriously? He has no credibility. He's the same guy who has zero ratings and calls black people niggers to their face, why does he still have any clout in the radio industry?

The Rutgers team should be kissing his wrinkled old ass for extending their publicity tour because the bottom line is: people love controversy, NOT women's basketball! The only reason people care about this story is because it's drama, and interesting drama at that. They don't give a shit about the women's team winning a national title.

I care about the Rutgers women's team winning a national title just as much as I care about the Duke lacrosse team winning a state title. I simply don't give a shit.