Wednesday, April 4, 2007

4/4/07- Read the fucking picture...

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Look. Most people know that I am a Republican. And while it's true that I don't agree with every single thing that the government says, I stand behind our nation none the less. And that's why when someone e-mails this kind of liberal shit to me, I get fucking pissed off! Let's just call this person Mr. X.
Mr. X writes:

"Iraq was pacified and harmless before Bush invaded. then he invaded with no plan and not enough troops, and fucked up at every turn while denying reality. We've been there 4 years under Bush, and Iraq has become more chaotic, bloody, and horrible every single week. bush has proven he has no idea how to improve things, and simply doesn't care to try. he's just going to do more of the same as shit gets worse for the next two years will he retires to his fake ranch or billion dollar lobbying job. And then, over the next decade, somebody else will have to try and fix Bush's mess, as always. And if this next President (or Presidents) manages, somehow, the colossal, Herculean, nearly impossible feat of taking Bush's mess and rolling it back to the way things were before Bush fucked Iraq over...Bush-lickers will say it proves Bush was a great president! heck, they're already saying it!!! moral of the story: Bush-lickers believe that Bush is great when he fucks up and other people have to come in and clean up his messes. bush shits his pants, mommy cleans them up, and this means bush is an adult. bush great when he does nothing, or rolls back improvements made by other presidents. Bush is great when he does things other presidents are despised and hated for. No matter what, and especially as he proves himself more destructive and incompetent every day, Bush is great!! the only reason Bush-lickers walk around among us is we don't have enough mental wards to treat these fucking lunatics."

It's idiots like Mr. X here that don't fucking get it and want America to pull out and surrender before the job is done. Mr. X is the kind of liberal douchebag that wants to suck off the Democrats for passing this latest bill that will mandatorilly start taking troops out of Iraq within 120 days. But do you know what else this bill does? It also de-funds the troops for the 120 days that they will still be there. That means that the same troops risking their lives over there in Iraq won't be able to get food, body armor, bullet resistant vehicles, guns, weapons, etc. The fucking Democrats said before they took the house and senate that they were all for the troops and wouldn't even think about denying them essential goods and services, and now they're doing just that.

By the way, we are winning in Iraq. New schools and hospitals are being built each and every day. Just ask the troops, you know, the one's actually fucking fighting over there? And if we pulled out now, could you imagine the humanitarian nightmare that Iraq would become? People would have no troops to protect them and Iraq would surely fall to the power or Iran and become a part of a(their) dictatorship..again! Is that what you think is right for America, let alone the fucking world? Even if you disagree with the war, would you rather want America to be known for having troops go over and tell Iraqi women and children that they are here to keep them safe and protect them and then just fucking leave?

So FUCK YOU Mr.X! Why don't you go smoke some more weed and bitch about global warming.