Monday, April 23, 2007

4/23/07- Secret Asian man...

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Like I've always said: people are fucked up. And no one proves my point better quite like that crazy Korean guy that shot over 30 people at Virginia Tech last week. I realize that there are many different layers and angles to this story, so here are the main bullet points that appeal to me:

* The security. How the fuck was he allowed to pull this off in the first place? Was there really that little security on campus? This fucking douchebag had enough time to shoot two people, walk back to his van, record a video log of what just happened, write an 1800 word manifesto, drive to the post office, mail an envelope filled with tapes and letters to NBC, drive back to campus, get his guns equipped and ready, walk across campus, and kill 30 more people before blowing his head off. That's a shit load of time that COULD have been used to lockdown the school. Maybe if the whole place was locked down he would have been stopped on the way out of campus to mail the letter or had been spotted by a security camera.

* The plays. Those stupid, creepy, fucked-up works of evil that were leaked to AOL. "Mr. Brownstone" and "Richard McBeef". Yeah, what the fuck was up with those? Don't understand what all the fuss and hubbub is all about? Haven't read them yet? Well, here is a link to the weird shit that lies within the writings of a serial killer:

* The voice. Why did Seng Cho sound exactly like Napoleon Dynamite? Honesty, it was really hard not to laugh at his rambling on that tape of him after, in my mind, superimposing the image of Napoleon Dynamite over his face. I know that sounds fucked up, but you know it's true.

* And last, but not least: The pictures. OK, I understand all of the pictures of him wielding guns. But what the fuck was up with that picture of him with a hammer? Like, what was he planning on doing with a fucking hammer? "OK, everybody put your hands flat on the desks and nobody gets their thumbs stubbed". It just looks ridiculously a crazy, serial killer, fucked-up kind of way.

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