Saturday, June 9, 2007

6/10/07- Star Trek + Clue = Youtube gold...

A long time ago, in a galaxy not far off from route 12 near Lehigh Vally, Pennsylvania, 2 young and budding film directors shot a piece of footage so unique, so original, so (intentionally)poorly designed, and so hilarious, that they showed it to friends and family who found it to be a laugh riot.

For almost ten years now, this tape had been kept away in storage(never thought to have been seen again). But thanks to the magic of Youtube, this little gem has now been put into cyberspace to be immortalized. Please watch it and help me get it several thousands of hits in order to aid in it's popularity within the web community.

It is a short film(broken up into two parts) that my cousins Chris Valk and Nick Forte made when they were 17 years old. It is a comedic short about the board game and film "Clue" as if it had all gone down on the Starship Enterprise. Keep in mind that it is done very crudely(which adds to the humor).

Now, let's join Captain Picard in action, as he tries to determine who killed the Borg:

And now, let's get to the (multiple)ending(s):