Thursday, June 28, 2007

6/28/07- It came from Myspace!...

That's right. It's that time of the month again when I take you all inside the inner confines of Myspace to deliver to you something weird, abstract, horrifying, and sometimes even funny. This month's find is from someone with the display name "TeacherofBratz". It's the five worst shows of our generation. Enjoy!


"The 5 Worst TV Shows:

5. Family Matters
By 1989, Full House was a wildly popular (don't ask me why) show on ABC. The network brass thought it was a WONDERFUL idea to start a show like Full House, but only for the black demographic. Enter Family Matters. This show is terrible, complete with one of the most annoying characters in TV history (Urkel) and the annoying and lame piano solo at the end when a life lesson was being learned. It must have really been a blow to the ego to be another actor or actress on that show, knowing that you'd only get a minute or so of screen-time per episode so they could focus on the "wild" and "crazy" antics of Urkel. Ugh.

4. Laguna Beach
One thing I'll never understand is why somebody would watch a show about such rich, spoiled, unlikeable people. The only way I'll ever sit down and make an attempt to watch this show is if I get one courtesy punch in the face to a character of my choice. Aren't 16 year olds a little young for soap operas??

3. Step by Step
This show had perhaps the most cardboard and boring characters in sitcom history. That's no small feat either, since there were about 10 of them! Sasha Mitchell played the lovable moron Cody, who eventually got thrown off the show when he beat his wife. Other than that, I'd like to ask people who like this show to tell me what exactly it was they liked about the characters. I am pretty sure they were designed to have no personalities whatsoever. Ask yourself...can you even NAME them?? I'll bet most of you can't.

2. Yes, Dear
Watching a guy with no testicles get bossed around by his domineering wife isn't a funny backdrop for a show. it gets worse when you throw in their relatives living in the backyard. Basically, the show's jokes revolved around how wacky and different their opinions were on raising their little children. Sound funny?? I don't think so either.

1. Full House
It had everything:
- Very annoying characters...starting with Michelle and going on down the list.- The lame piano solo at the end when the lesson was learned. Of course, the children really never got in trouble no matter what they do. Wimpy parenting at its finest!- Very, VERY lame jokes. If you need me to explain further, just remember one name: Dave Coulier (Uncle Joey). Remember his impersonations?? Me neither."