Tuesday, June 26, 2007

6/26/07- Paris is burning(or is that just the herpes talking?)...

I can't believe that three weeks of a Paris Hilton-free world could go by so damn fast. It seems like only yesterday she was sent to jail, freed from jail, then sent back to jail again.

But now that she's out, the whole entertainment industry is a buzz with thoughts of what her next move will be. Will she become a new person and repent her ways? Or put out a new reality show? Or "accidentally" leak a new porno of her doing cocaine of off a fat dude's gunt? WHO CARES? I really could care less what she does, and you shouldn't care either.

By now, everyone has seen the footage of her waltzing out of prison into her loving mother's arms. What kind of fucking, warped-out, snobby, assholes do these people think they are? Your daughter films not one, but two porno tapes that get leaked onto the Internet, goes out and parties 24/7, sets the worst example humanly possibly for our country's youth, and shows absolutely no humility by flaunting her affluence(as well as other things) every fucking chance she gets, violates probation and goes to jail for carelessness, and yet you still have the fucking balls to welcome her back to your life with open arms? Are you kidding me?

If anybody else did just one of those things they would be disowned by their parents and run out of town with a scarlet letter on their chest. How can the media just give these types of celebutards airtime over issues like the war in Iraq and the low approval rating of both the president and congress(an issue that, if given proper airtime, could possibly cause shake-ups in the congress and a presidential impeachment).

And, to add more fuel to the fire, Larry King has paid Paris a cool two million dollars for her first public interview this Wednesday. Great. I can hardly wait to hear what she thought of the minimum security prison she was in. "But she lost 10 pounds and was forced to eat bologna and cheese sandwiches". FUCK YOU! Homeless people would kill(and probably have) for a bologna and cheese sandwich.

I hope that all of these rich Hollywood sluts would all crash their Lamborghinis into an AIDs tree and fucking die already so that I never have to hear about their "problems" ever again.