Tuesday, June 12, 2007

6/12/07- Who's your favorite Uncle?...

Why, Uncle Majic of course!

While flipping around the T.V. the other day, I saw the most random commercial ever in the history of broadcast television. It was an advertisement for a "Hip-Hop Magician". Hip-Hop Magician? Yes, Hip-Hop Magician(doesn't get more random then that).

For a second I thought that I was watching a parody from Saturday Night Live or something. This commercial looked like a cruel and sad joke. But alas, it was real. Real random, real weird, and real funny.

If you could imagine Funk Master Flex talking up a new DMX album, but instead of a DMX album he was talking about a children's magician, that's what this commercial is like.

Click the link below to watch the commercial for "Uncle Majic: The Hip-Hop Magician".

Also, they have a website!(oh boy!) Visit them on the web at: