Monday, February 12, 2007

2/12/07- Updates...

First off, WOW! I had no fucking idea that I would get so much great positive feedback on the Fitzy post. From last night to today my hits have gone up from 5,000 to just under 7,000! Because of all of the great feedback, i've decided to post a Fitzy webcast every friday. So starting next friday(because i've already given you this weeks webcast) you'll not only get a classic myspace blog, but you will also be getting a fresh new Fitzy webcast.(I believe thank yous are in order)

Next, on to how today went. School was a pain in the ass(like always). But sweet salvation came at the end of 6th period when I realized that my 7th period teacher was out today. This was great news because we were supposed to take a huge, gigantic, shit your pants and pass out type of a math test today. But insted just ended up goofing around until the bell rang and we all went home.

Now, last but certainly not least in this gauntlet of updates, Gamestop. To answer any and all questions: No I have not been called back for an interview yet. But it has only been a couple of days. I'd give it about another week before I go looking for other employment.

more diatribes and more interesting stories to come later.