Wednesday, February 7, 2007

2/7/07- Thanks for the orange...

I was eating an orange today and it reminded me of something that happened the other day during lunch. I was looking for something to do to amuse me and my friends when an idea came into my head. There was a kid sitting at the other table who I knew from outside of school(an underclassman) who had two giant oranges with him. I then walked over to him, took one of his oranges, walked back to my table, turned to him and yelled: "Yo, Thanks for the orange!"Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting and then proceded to take a huge bite out of the orange(skin and all). It tasted terrible. But it was somehow funny in a kind of random, unexplainable "this should'nt be funny but it is" kind of way(like Dane Cook or Family Guy).

And so I thank you kid who gave me his orange. For turning my catchphrase from a loud barking like noise into simply yelling out those 5 little words: "Yo, Thanks for the orange!"