Tuesday, February 27, 2007

2/27/07- Ahoy Douchebags...

Today in school two of my school chums(who shall remain nameless) decided to pull a little prank on me during math class. (Thanks alot you fucking dicks)

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It all started when I walked into math class. These two kids came in and started telling me that the guy in charge of monitering the student computers had caught a peek at my blog and was fucking pissed at the fact that I referenced the school in several of my posts. I told them that I did not believe them and that nothing would happen. But then about halfway through class an announcement came across the p.a. system: "Will Vincent Forte please come to the office immediately". OK. I'm willing to admit that at this point I had gotten a little nervous due to the fact that there was now a chance that they were in fact telling the truth about me possibly getting into trouble. But, I was still quite confident that I would not be in any trouble due to the fact that even though I do reference the school in several of my posts, I certainly do not say any kind of shit along the lines of harming anyone or anything in or related to the school. Thus they had nothing to pin on me. As I walked up towards the front desk of the main office I was greeted by a worrysome school administrator who asked me what the deal was with me posting threats to the school on the internet? He then revealed that it was all a hoax. Just a stupid prank. It turns out that he was in on the joke with the two fucknuts that told me that I was going to get into trouble in the first place. Oh well. The only thing I could do was have a good laugh about the whole thing on the way back to math class and just move on with my life. Besides, when you really think about it, I ended up getting the last laugh. I got to skip about 10 minutes of class and on top of that tomorrow is the day my media class gets to miss school to drive up to Yonkers to do a 15 minute project on bias in the media(just a bunch of reading off of a script really). So if you two are reading this in computer class right now, all I have to say is enjoy your religion essay, math test, and english test today. I wish I could be there but.....oh who am I kidding, Fuck you guys! Your taking three tests today while I get to just sit on a bus for half a day listening to my ipod. I don't feel sorry for you guys at all.

Have fun writing about cosine curves, shakespere, and the just war theory assholes.