Thursday, February 15, 2007

2/15/07- How was my Valentine's Day?...


It snowed yesterday morning, but I could'nt go outside to enjoy it because I was sick. But I was feeling better later around 2-3 o'clock, so I called up a friend to see what he was up to. When I called him he said that he was at the mall picking up a stuffed bear to bring with him when he goes to his girlfriend's house later.(which obviously ment that he had no time to just hang around with me and just play Madden all afternoon)
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So, in essence my day was pretty dull and pathetic. I basically just sat at home, checked my e-mail, ate lunch, played a few rounds of halo 2 on xbox live, dinner, shower, shave, and then of course sleep.

Yep, I can almost gauruntee you that no matter how bad you think your Valentine's Day was, There is absolutely no way it compares to how sad and pathetic mine was.

So overall this was a very happy and uplifting post which we can all leave feeling good about deep down inside.(Don't you just love the commercialism of the holidays?)