Friday, February 16, 2007

Myspace Blog #2- MTV's 25th Anniversary...

*I wrote this blog post after hearing that MTV was celebrating their 25th anniversary this(last) year. It's pretty much that simple: MTV has done everything to ruin music as I know it and now it's time to rip MTV a new one. This post was written on August 2, 2006.

Happy 25th anniversary MTV! You've sucessfully transformed from an outlet in which to watch music videos into an unstoppable force that dictates the lives of the 12 - 14 year old demographic.
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MTV in the 1980's:
An independant company that is dedicated to the presentation of visual stimulation in which to complement the music that goes with it.

MTV in the 1990's:
A viacom corporaton that is dedicated to slowly jazzing up the programing line-up with cartoons and shows that dictate the latest hot new trends. Lest we forget that the 90's also brought about the birth of "The Real World".(think about that without wanting to cram your foot up MTV's ass)

MTV Today:
Where oh where should I begin? Let me start by listing off all of the shows that I can think of that have absolutely nothing to do with music, shall we: jackass, punk'd, viva la bam, wildboys, next, room raiders, real world, road rules, real world road rules challenge, high school stories, doggy fizzle televizzle, the tom green show, the andy dick show, the andy milonaukis show, celebrity deathmatch, boiling point, pimp my ride, damage control, true life, i want a famous face, mtv cribs, mtv movie awards, making the movie, the big urban myth show, clone high, fraternity house, sorrority house, and my personal favorite: my super sweet sixteen(because who doesn't want to see a bunch of spoiled cunts get whatever they want from a much privilidged family and never have to work a day in their lives)

Now you would think that with all of those reality shows, documentaries, and cartoons that there would be absolutely no room in the day for actual music, right? Well then you my friend would be correct. But wait, because the geniuses over at MTV have created a whole new channel called MTV2. And when I heard this I thought to myself, MTV2, well this must be where they have been hiding all of the music. So I flip over to MTV2 on my digital cable(because if your gonna want to see music videos your gonna have to pay 40 bucks a month for it). So I flipped over to MTV2 expecting to see some cutting edge new rock video or hip hop track, anything just so long as it ment that MTV was playing music again. But insted I found myself looking at a reality show. So I switched back to MTV to see what they were up to...........AND THERE WAS ANOTHER REALITY SHOW!!! SON OF A BITCH! WHERE IS THE MUSIC!!! It's official. MTV has done more in my lifetime to ruin music as I know it more then anything else. They just don't get it. I don't want to see lil' jon's crib, or some mediocre spin-off of jackass, I want my music, I WANT MY MTV!

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I'll leave you with this to ponder:

MTV is to music as KFC is to chicken.