Monday, February 19, 2007

2/19/07- The Evening News "Jumps The Shark"...

I was just flipping around the television, when I stopped on fox 5 news. It was then when I realized that the news media as a whole have completely jumped the shark.
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All I see on the news these days are stories about celebrities and who's marrying who and who's divorcing who and who's suing who. WHO CARES! The news is'nt supposed to be entertainment, it's supposed to be the fucking news! Is'nt there a war going on right now? Actually there are several wars going on right now. The war on terror, the war in Iraq, the war on drugs, the war on violence, the war against our constitutional rights...ect. But apparently Brittany Spears shaving her head takes presidence over all of that. Sure people are dying in Iraq every single day, but godforbid the news media forgets to cover just one second of the Anna Nicole Smith story. Uh, news people? It's okay to go and cover bigger things like Iraq right now. I mean Anna Nicole's not going anywhere, I mean she is fucking dead. She'll be here when you get back. I'm sick and tired of hearing about celebrities and hollywood controversies on all of the cable news channels while shit like this is going on over in Iraq and Afganistan:

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Fuck Bill O'Reilly. Fuck Keith Olberman. and Fuck MTV(why? because they have a fucking news division too and that means that they in some form are influencing what "important" information teenagers need to hear.)